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Our mission is to democratize biotechnology in our community.

BosLab’s mission is to democratize biotechnology for everyone, outside of academia and industry. We offer classes, educational workshops, and a laboratory to support community-driven research that is in the public interest. We advocate for scientific transparency through engaging all members of the community in scientific discussion in an inclusive, fun, safe, and innovative environment.

BosLab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Our location :

10 Harvey Street, Cambridge, MA 02140
Shared space with our awesome friends: New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hours of operation:

Important Note:

Our lab is open most of the time during work hours. However, the presence of someone in the space is not guaranteed so please check the calendar to see the event schedule and ensure that someone can let you in before coming.


Meetup events and monthly Open House (1st Wednesdays):

Our space is open to the public during our scheduled events on We also hold an open house on the 1st Wednesday of every month from 6:30-8:30pm


Visiting BosLab outside of meetup events:

If you are interested in visiting BosLab outside of our meetup events, please email us at to schedule a time to visit.



Hours of operation

Equipment & 

shared consumables:

Currently, the lab offers the following equipment:

  • Autoclave

  • 30C incubator

  • 37C incubator

  • 37C shaker incubator

  • 4C refrigerator

  • -20C freezer

  • PCR and PCR master mix

  • qPCR and qPCR master mix

  • An assortment of pipettes and pipette tips

  • Gloves, Petri dishes, plastic tubes, culture tubes

  • LB agar, LB broth, agar, etc

  • Antibiotics

  • Mini and maxi preps

  • Electroporator

  • Laminar hood

  • Microscope


We are constantly acquiring new equipment and extending the lab. If you don’t see something on the list then there is a chance that we either already acquired it and forgot to put it on the list or that we are about to get it.

The board's team

The team :

WENDY Pouliot


Neuroscientist, committed to science education and outreach, synthetic biologist wannabe!

KELLEN Andrilenas

Safety chair

Cell and Molecular Biologist, went from studying ctenophores to molecular immunology, loves geeking out about science.

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LADA Sycheva


Structural biologist, used to work on vaccine development, looking to spread the science bug.

JOHN Harrold



This could be you right here!

​Interested in joining the team to support community science and outreach projects? Check out our Participation page to learn more or email us at

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Team alumni:

Course instructors:


Introduction to Biology Learning Circle, Facilitator

Sébastien Vigneau is a research scientist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where his work aims at understanding how tumor diversity relates to cancer progression. He also loves teaching and experimenting with new approaches to learning. Sébastien completed his PhD at Pasteur Institute (Paris) followed by post-docs at UPenn (Philadelphia) and Dana-Farber (Boston). His expertise is primarily in molecular biology, gene expression, and epigenetics using both wet-lab and bioinformatics approaches. He brings his experience to BosLab by organizing and facilitating an introduction to biology learning circle.

KELLEN Andrilenas

Biotech Fundamentals, Instructor

Kellen is a cell and molecular biologist excited by synthetic biology and bioengineering. He loves the creative aspects of research and sharing his enthusiasm for science. Kellen received a PhD in cell and molecular biology from Boston University for research in molecular immunology characterizing how small differences in proteins can impact the human antiviral response. He has years of experience teaching introductory biology laboratories and immunology discussion sections at BU. In addition to his training in molecular immunology, he is fascinated by plants and his favorite family of viruses is the Adenoviridae.


Biotech Fundamentals, Instructor

Sanda Zolj received her PhD in Cell and Molecular biology from Boston University. She has taught for over 8 years at BU in both laboratory and lecture based genetics/molecular biology courses. Sanda enjoys science communication and making complex biology concepts accessible to all. Her specialty is plant genetics. She studies unknown and undefined aspects of innate immunity pathways in plants. She has a passion for understanding the impact that plant diseases have on agriculture and food production in light of the complex role that climate change plays in these interactions.

LARRY Melnick

DNA Forensics Laboratory, Instructor

Larry Melnick earned his PhD at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He currently presides over the biotech start up Embeca Biosciences LLC working with RNA based solutions to drug targeting. Larry worked for 25 years in biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug discovery including research at Collaborative Research Inc. and Sepracor, now Sunovion. His work includes research in a variety of areas ranging from modeling viral drug resistance to design of pharmaceuticals, including opioids, with reduced side effects. Dr. Melnick has been a member of Genspace in New York City and now BosLab community biology laboratories. He brings his experience working with recombinant DNA to the course on forensic DNA profiling.

CHRIS Kenyon

Molecular Biology and Synthetic Biology Journal Clubs, Organizer

Chris graduated from the Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 2017 with a BS in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. He is deeply interested in synthetic biology, astrobiology, molecular biology, and medicine. Chris hopes to apply these interests to problems like disease, energy, and terraforming Mars and answering questions about our place in the universe. At BOSLab, he is currently working to build a strain of yeast to biodegrade plastic and another to synthesize perfume.

ANAT Tewari

Introduction to Metabolic Engineering, Instructor

Anat graduated from Union College with a BS in Biomedical Engineering, and is pursuing opportunities in academia and industry related to synthetic biology/biomaterials. Anat also leads the DIY Bioprinting Initiative at Boslab, and always seeks inspiration in biology to solve problems. His long term goal is to lead the commercialization of Engineered Living Materials (ELMs) - a refreshing approach to materials science by merging the built and natural environment.

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Director, Science and Outreach

Bacterial enthusiast, plant-microbe interactions expert, bringing my love of biology to DIYBio.

ANGELA Kaczmarczyk


Outreach Scientist at Addgene, passionate about science communication and DIY biology.

MRINA Nikrad

Board Member

Microbial ecologist, scientist at a synthetic biology company. Knows that microbes rule the world!  

DENNIS Oleksyuk

Board Member

Software engineer, craves synthetic biology in its most advanced form.


Board Member

Synthetic biologist at MIT, interested in the science and future of growing organisms.

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RAPHAEL Laurenceau

Board Member

Microbiologist, Postdoc researcher at MIT, loves everything related to bacteria.


Board Member

Synbio enabler, amateur yeast engineer and lab equipment lugger looking to go pro.

NORMAN Wozniak

Board Member

​From chemical engineering to UX design, wants to share science with better communication!

WILL Sutton

Co-founder and Board Member

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Course instructors

Our story :


BosLab, is a non-profit dedicated to allow citizens to do real science. We are historically one of the first community labs on the planet, previously known as Bosslab. In an area where you can find more biotech companies than anywhere else in the world, it makes quite a lot of sense. And with MIT and Harvard communities around us, we share the very best and up to date science with the people.


The new name, simple and clean, enables the new team to show its commitment to this awesome project: sharing cutting edge science, in a simple way, in a good environment, so that anybody can understand our current world!

BosLab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The place

Our laboratory is located in Cambridge. We share the space with New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Website of New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina 


The people

From software engineers to microbiologists, people with very different backgrounds meet, interact, and build awesome projects around biology. 


All are here to either share their knowledge, especially our MIT and Harvard PhDs, or because they want to do synthetic biology, to belong to a community of people who are passioned about learning science and one day hacking life.

Press kit :


Use this logo when talking about BosLab

BosLab DIYbio Boston - logo

This one is great too, use it to talk about us!

BosLab DIYBio Boston - Logo 2
Our jelly mascot
boslab jellyfish
boslab jellyfish



Biosafety & Bioethics

"Harmless organisms, harmless genes, entirely transparent and open source"


We strongly believe that in order to understand our transforming world, you need to get hands on the newest DNA technologies. To understand what GMO means, you need to genetically modify living organisms. DIYbiology is about bringing everyone in the debate of bioethics.

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