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Curious about DNA, RNA, proteins and don’t have any experience? We suggest participating in one of our introductory classes.

We are also listing some useful content that will help you get started.

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Self-learning material

You can learn a lot of microbiology basics on those Youtube videos:




Biotech Fundamentals

Want to get some hands-on experience in molecular biology? We are offering a 2-day introductory course that will guide you through the basics of molecular biology and the techniques of bacterial transformation, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and gel electrophoresis.




Class will be back early 2020, stay tuned!

Safety training class

This class teaches you safety basics.


You will learn how to use our autoclave (loading, operating safely, how to react in case of a malfunction) and, believe it or not, how to use a microwave in a lab setting!

Class is offered periodically to train new members.

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