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BosLab hosts monthly Open House events for everyone in the community to see the space and meet our members. We host a book club and offer seminars with presenters from academia, industry, and other organizations.

Check out the current available events, subscribe to our meetup page to get the latest updates.

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Open House

Meet with the BosLab members and citizen scientists at our lab space to socialize, talk about current hot topics in science, participate in lab demos, discuss potential class or project ideas, and more!

Molecular Biology Journal Club

A molecular biology journal club for all ages and levels of expertise. Each meetup one person will present a paper. Together, we’ll work through the article over the course of the evening, exploring its most intricate details, with the goal of everyone having a deep understanding of the material, from a molecular level, by the end of the night. That is — these meetups will be dynamic events flowing between active lecturing, questioning, reasoning, and working together as equals.

Wanted: Outreach Talks

Come and share your science! Give us a date, an abstract, and fill out this form and we'll schedule your talk.

Outreach talks are normally limited to 30 minutes but can last longer. We advise that speakers design their presentation for a general audience using big pictures and clear info graphics. If you want to really get into technical details consider hosting a journal club on your paper or preprint instead!

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