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Community members run their own DIYBio projects in our lab space. Projects can be research-based, education outreach programs, or other creative explorations.

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Open Yeast Engineering Project

Would you drink a GMO beer? What if you brewed it yourself?



The open yeast engineering project (OYEP) at BosLab is an open-ended exploration into yeast engineering. We get together, run experiments, and engineer yeast strains to produce flavors, fragrances, and small molecules with the hopes of using some resultant strains to produce glowing banana flavored chocolate stout and artificial rosé.


Interested in joining? Come check it out during an open house!

Open House hours are available on our meetup.

Sequencing backyard microbiomes

We are learning how to do metagenomic (16s) sequencing of soil bacteria. We are looking for a way to be able to do 16s metagenomic sequencing of a few samples at a time to verify the DNA extraction protocol. Our goal is to have a protocol, all required equipment and reagent, and a list of vendors that we can use to reliable sequence soil microbiome.

Making educational videos

We run experiments in the lab and record them on video in order to help people understand the basics of biotech. Video were made about heat shock transformation, PCR, and other biotech protocols. 

Nanopore sequencing

This projects has 3 main goals:

1) Teach basics of DNA sequencing (classes), laboratory techniques, and bioinformatics.

2) Make environmental analysis of different kinds of media such as cats/pets, soil, sushi/sashimi.

3) Do self-DNA sequencing to be able to screen for specific gene variants/mutations a la 23andme (but DIY and you keep your data) and do skin/saliva microbiome analysis.

[Previous] Hack the Truffle

Truffle hacking project. We produced truffle flavors using the truffle microbiome!

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[Previous] Project Age Tune-Up - Bacteria that produce NAD+ precursors.

We tried targeting several genes that influence the NAD+ pathway, specifically ones that alter production of NMN so that they could produce more than they can consume with hopes of purifying NMN which is used in anti-aging research.

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