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Participate at Boslab

BosLab was created to provide a lab space to people who want to work on their DIY bio projects or learn molecular biology regardless of their background. Below is the list of ways you can get involved.

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Anyone who wants to work in the lab on a DIY bio project or just practice molecular biology has to become a member.


Membership price: $50/month, charged monthly from date of signup.

If you cannot afford the membership, please contact us at about getting a sponsored membership.


Membership includes:

  • Discount for classes

  • Access to the lab space (see Hours of Operation for more details).

  • Ability to use any equipment and shared consumables in the lab (see Equipment & Shared Consumables for more details).

  • Ability to order additional consumables required for the personal projects. We take care of the paperwork and help to find the most affordable suppliers.

  • Access to the member's community over Slack and email list.

  • Help planning projects and finding financial resources for projects.


Requirements for becoming a member:

  • Be a person of good judgment. It is important to be considerate of your own safety and the safety of other lab members.

  • Desire to learn basic molecular biology concepts.


As a part of the membership application, we provide a list of theoretical topics and practical skills to understand the level of expertise of each new member.


If you are missing certain laboratory skills, DO NOT PANIC! Check our learn page for more information about how to close the gaps including our classes.


If you are interested to be a part of the BosLab community, you can also contribute as a volunteer.


Non-lab volunteers – Help with organizing events, run study groups, give lectures/seminars, book clubs, science outreach, writing blog posts, social media, fundraising, marketing, bookkeeping, or serving as legal counsel.


Lab volunteers – A one time help to a BosLab member with a particular lab procedure or developing a protocol. It could be help with culturing a particular type of cells, working with a particular type of equipment, or as simple as showing how to pour plates.

A lab volunteer should be already proficient in the type of work with which they are helping and they should only work in the lab with the member to whom they are helping.


Quickly fill out the volunteering application to sign up for the volunteering mailing list. We are using the mailing list to notify about potential volunteering opportunities.

Board of Directors

The BosLab board of directors is a group of people who volunteer their time to run the laboratory. It is a great opportunity to get administrative experience and get exposure to the wider community.


A person has to be a BosLab member and be approved by the current board of directors to become a director. More about the board members on the about page.


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