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BosLab Donations Needs

This is the list of equipment that BosLab is seeking to be donated or funds to acquire

Ductless Chemical Fume Hood

Chemical fume hood will allow to safely work with a wide variety of chemicals.

Air Science P5-24-A + Carbon Filter + Prefilter ~ $2,400


Laminar flow hood

Laminar flow hood will substantially decrease the contamination of the cultures.

Aiud Scient FLOW-24 + HEPA Filter + Prefilter ~ $2,700


Gene gun

Gene gun will allow us to genetically modify plants.

SJ-500 Portable Gene Gun ~ $3,000

NanoDrop spectrophotometer

Allows for quick and easy optical density measurements.

NanoDrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer ~ $7000

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