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Laboratory skills prerequisites

To work at the lab without supervision you need to have previous practice in performing the majority of procedures listed below.


  1. Use single volume pipettor to work with 1-1000 ul volumes.

  2. Use serological pipettor to work with 1-100 ml volumes.

  3. Use small centrifuge which fits 1.5 ml tubes.

  4. Use big refrigerated centrifuge which fits 50 ml tubes.

  5. Properly label and store tubes with chemicals.

  6. Properly label and store plates and tubes with live bacteria.

  7. Prepare LB media, autoclave it, add antibiotic, and pour the plates.

  8. Prepare LB broth.

  9. Streak bacteria on plates. Use gas burner.

  10. Incubate plates in usual incubator.

  11. Incubate bacteria in liquid media in shaking incubator.

  12. Run PCR and qPCR.

  13. Pour gel for electrophoresis. Run electrophoresis.

  14. Calculate how much water has to be added to a solution to achieve intended dilution.

  15. Cleaning up after completion of an experiment.

  16. Disposal of biological and non-biological waste.


We run periodic Laboratory Skills Bootcamp, which covers all the basic laboratory skills. Please, check to find when the next class is scheduled.

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