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I was hungry to learn about science

I came to BosLab because I was hungry to learn about science. I first took the Molecular Biology 101 course to grow colonies of glowing bacteria, and later joined the Truffle Hacking project in pursuit of aromatic microbes. I really love how the BosLab community encompasses a wide range of scientific expertise, from novices to industry professionals and postdoctoral researchers.


The course and project leaders are very knowledgeable and great teachers, and it was refreshing to be among enthusiastic beginners - many times their fundamental questions made me rethink my own understanding. The space has an awesome hacker vibe, and combined with a relaxed and open atmosphere, has been a very supportive place to explore. For anyone who is interested in learning (or teaching) science, BosLab is a must!


BosLab provided my first really meaningful contact

I’m a practicing synthetic biologist and have been doing academic research for years, but BosLab provided my first really meaningful contact with people who are interested in synbio but don’t work in that field — members of the public, hobbyists and enthusiasts, scientists and nonscientists — through their outreach events and meetings. This kind of mixing is important for me as a synbio practitioner because it exposes me to ideas and perspectives that are important to inform my work but are generally missing from the academic setting.


BosLab has built a strong and extremely diverse community with a wider range of backgrounds, ages/career stages, and interests than I’ve seen in any science-focused group. They have a genuine commitment to public engagement and education and have been catalyzing important connections across different constituencies.


The interactive and teamwork focused environment made things fun

I joined Boslab as I was interested in expanding my experience in the biology world. I found Boslab to be a great place to learn hands on. The interactive and teamwork focused environment made things fun. I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing about their experience. There are many different opportunities to work on projects or learn about new aspects of biology. Boslab is an amazing addition to the community.


I have presented a paper related to my current work

I have been a part of BosLab for about one year. I am lucky to be a scientist at a biotech company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. BosLab provides a way for me to engage the public in biology and more generally, science. I have previously found that science can often be portrayed as overwhelming and difficult. BosLab proves it doesn’t have to be that way. They host engaging and accessible events for those who live in the Boston area. I have participated in the BosLab journal club and the Building with Biology events. At a BosLab journal club, I have presented a paper related to my current work. Because so many of the attendees have different backgrounds than me, the questions they asked were great and often touched on perspectives I hadn’t considered. 


My favorite BosLab activity was the Building with Biology event held in conjunction with the Museum of Science in Boston. We held two events. At the first, we met with families to introduce synthetic biology concepts. Families traveled from over an hour away for this event. At the second event, we held a science roundtable aimed at adults. We even had a high school science teacher bring her class. Both of these events featured serious discussions about the topics while still presenting material in a digestible manner. BosLab is run a group of dedicated, creative individuals who are fully committed to bringing science to the community. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and believe that they are making a serious impact on the Boston community.


I met brilliant scientists

I joined BosLab in September 2016 as a volunteer for the "Building with Biology" program. I met brilliant scientists during this event and learned more deeply about synthetic biology and its applications.


Furthermore, I learned how to communicate with the public and discuss back and forth about bioengineering. Once the "Building with Biology" event was over, I couldn't miss the opportunity of keeping in touch with those bright scientists, who are part of the directory team of BosLab. Thus, I became a member of BosLab in October 2016, and I'm enjoying now the opportunity of learning about the latest techniques in Molecular and Synthetic Biology. Being a member of BosLab helped me to stay current with the biology world, and facilitated my integration into the job market.

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