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Announcing: Genetic Literacy Workshop, led by Boslab and OpenHelix

Have you ever considered taking a DNA test to predict your health or learn about your ancestry? How accurate or useful is that information? How private is that information after you submit your sample? These questions can be answered through gaining genetic literacy, a science-based understanding of genes and current genetic technology.

Boslab is excited to announce that we, along with OpenHelix, will be leading two FREE Genetic Literacy workshops as part of the ‘Skill Up Somerville’ program at the Fabville Design Lab or The Row Hotel at Assembly Row in Somerville starting February 25th. For information about the three-evening workshop at Fabville Design Lab, click

here. For information about the full day workshop at The Row Hotel, click here.

These workshops are aimed toward non-scientists and beginners in genetic genealogy. Workshop participants will learn about DNA and how it is used in the context of genetics, health, and ancestry.

Learning goals for the workshop include:

  • Understanding basic concepts surrounding DNA, genes, and genetic terminology.

  • Exploring how genetics impacts identity and ancestry, and examining popular genealogy websites.

  • Knowing how to assess health-related DNA claims using digital tools.

  • Becoming acquainted with strategies to identify quality sources of public information relating to DNA and health issues.

  • Becoming aware of the potential risks associated with DNA data and related privacy concerns.

  • Eligibility for a digital badge through the ‘Skill Up Somerville’ program.

This workshop is independent of any DNA analysis providers and will not provide or offer DNA testing or diagnostic services, nor medical advice.

For more information on workshop times, eligibility, and to reserve your place, please follow these links: full day program, three evening program.

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